Ex-Motability Scheme Vehicles

Ex motability car

Ex-Motability WAV

Whether you want to acquire a pre-owned car or WAV privately or through the Ex-Motability scheme (also known as MFL Direct), this is an ideal way to access vehicles with a guaranteed mileage and proven main dealer service history.

Ex-Motability scheme vehicles typically offer mainly low mileage (for age) vehicles up to 3 years old. Each vehicle has been returned to Motability at the end of the standard lease period or earlier if the customer has chosen to upgrade to a different vehicle.

Some Ex-Motability vehicles may be refinanced through the Motability Scheme. All ex-Motability vehicles are available for purchase by any individual or company.

Where required, we will fit additional driver, passenger or vehicle adaptations  to the vehicle of your choice so that it is bespoke for you. This is why these vehicles offer a reliable option for Motability customers wishing to minimise their monthly lease price or cash/finance customers after a relatively new vehicle with a known pedigree.

Ex-Motability vehicle stock changes daily as vehicles are continuously added and sold.

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