Minibus Adaptations - Passenger & Vehicle

You may require wheelchair access equipment to be fitted to your chosen minibus. In some cases, you may wish to add supplementary access equipment to that already fitted.

rear access underfloor wheelchair lift
minibus adaptations vehicle

Whatever equipment you require, wheelchair access adaptions can be made to most models, whether new or used. We will ask a range of questions about your needs and then recommend a range of options which balance cost effectiveness against flexibility in use.

Although we will ask questions and offer advice, the final decision on the best accessibility options for your vehicle will always be yours. You will always know your passengers needs better than anyone else.

We only work with minibus modification specialists to fit all of access equipment you choose. Coupled with using leading equipment brands, such as Ricon, Portaramp, AVS, AMF, Koller, Unwin and Polyflor, you can be sure in the knowledge that your passengers will be safe and you can look forward to trouble-free performance.

What Wheelchair Access & Safety Equipment Can You Add?

Here are just some of the wide range of options available but, as improved and/or new products are launched at regular intervals, please contact us if you can not see an adaption to suit individual passenger needs:

Wheelchair Access

Rear access underfloor wheelchair lift
Rear Access Underfloor Wheelchair Lift
Power Wheelcair Access Lift
Power Wheelchair Access Lift

Seating & Restraints

Removable Seats, Mounted in Aluminium Tracks
Removable Seats Mounted in Aluminium
using quick-release mechanisms
Using Quick-Release
inertia reel seatbelt restraints
Inertia Reel Seatbelt Restraints
accommodate a wheelchair and its occupant
Accommodate a Wheelchair and its Occupant

Foot Passenger Access

kick out step retracted
Kick Out Step Retracted
kick out step open
Kick Out Step Open
Fold Out Side Step Manual or Electric
fold out side step in action
Fold Out Side Step in Action

Other Adaptations

unwin floor
Unwin Floor
led downlighters
LED Downlighters
reversing camera
Reversing Camera and/or Sensors

These are just a selection of available adaptations we can fit to new or retrofit to nearly new minibuses. Others include wheelchair ramp illuminators, grab handles to aid passenger access etc

Our specialists will help you decide on the best adaptations for your circumstances and budget. Just call 01633 485858 or use our Contact Form to get the ball rolling.