Contract Hire, Lease Rental & Hire Purchase

Through finance specialists, we offer* a range of options to finance your next minibus. We provide a brief description of each option below, with links for you to find more information and examples for each one:

Contract Hire

An ideal solution for companies or organisations who do not want the financial risk and administrative burden of buying, running, servicing and disposing of their own minibus fleets. Click here for more information.

Lease Rental

Offers enhanced cash flow to businesses as 100% of the payments may be offset against tax. Similarly, 100% of the VAT payments can be reclaimed. More details here.

Hire Purchase

simply a method of spreading the cost of your minibus(es) over a period of typically 3-5 years, not including any maintenance or other options. Click here for further information.


*All finance is offered subject to status.